Smart playlists. Limit number of results by rule group

Feature description:

Is it possible to specify the number of results you’d like for each rule group that you set in a smart playlist?
I’d like to be able to create a playlist of auto refreshing tracks for artists A, B & C but I’d like to have more tracks from artist A so I would ask for 10 tracks for artist A but only 5 each of artists B and C

Problem solved:

I want to create a smart playlist containing multiple artists but have more tracks by a specific artist than the rest. Currently I think my only option is to have all artists equally represented in the results.

Brought benefits:

Being able to create a smart playlist where the songs can be weighted towards specific criteria.

Other application solutions:

Musicbee on Windows let’s you create a smart playlist that is made up of other smart playlists. This enabled me to make playlists of the different criteria and then combine altogether into a single playlist. I understand this isn’t possible from a similar request on Reddit.
GMMP also let’s you make smart playlists that are made up of other smart playlists however this final playlist seems to ignore the number of tracks you specified in each of the feeder playlists and gives all the songs that meet the rest of the criteria.

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


This is not possible to put limits in groups from an SQL POV.

I’ll enable smart playlist in smart playlists with a warning in next release as it’s frequently requested.

Let’s hope people understand what they do and it does not trigger too much support, Symfonium runs on phones and not computers with unlimited resources.

Thanks Tolriq. You have my word that I’ll never raise any support requests relating to smart playlists :smile: