Smart Playlists: Allow rules for arbitrary tags

Feature description:

In Smart Playlists, allow adding filters/rules related to any arbitrary tag exposed by the media provider. For example, if a “somecustomtag” ID3v2 tag is added to be tracked/displayed in LMS, or parsed via the Local Files provider, allow adding a rule/filter related to its values. Potentially support multi-valued (repeated) tags such as LMS’s “albumartists” tag mentioned on its GitHub page.

Problem solved:

It’s currently difficult to filter based on arbitrary groupings of music, because many providers don’t expose file paths, which leaves Comment as the only option for arbitrary grouping (that I’m aware of). There exist common “grouping” and “albumgrouping” tags, and those could be explicitly supported, but opening it up for arbitrary tags would make it flexible.

Brought benefits:

(as explained in problem solved)

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Explained in a few other request but this is not possible.

I do not have access to the tags only what the API exposes. And there’s no API on any provider allowing to send random tags.

As said Navidrome support exposing path and LMS @itm can probably too if asked nicely :slight_smile:

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Thanks. As in the other thread for the Comment bug, I’ll explore the Navidrome path angle. Thanks.