Smart Playlist In Playlist

Feature description:

Currently only non-smart playlists are able to be selected in the “In playlist” filter. for a Smart Playlist.

I assume this may be by design, however, would be great to have.

For example, I have multiple playlists that include the same list of Genre’s that I care about. Would be great to just say “In Playlist: FavoriteGenres”

Problem solved:

Reduce duplicate filters in multiple playlists

Brought benefits:

Less management on the mobile

Other application solutions:

Currently I use a smart playlist (nsp) in Navidrome (ie subsonic) and import the playlist into Symfonium. Since it is local, the “In Playlist” works.

However, the cool part of Smart Playlists is that they are multi-provider.

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Unfortunately this is not really possible, the complexity or the results would make this either impossible to rebuild the query or way too slow.

Understand… Thank you for Symfonium!

I know you’ve already decided on this being too complex. However, I also see this as being hugely beneficial.

GoneMAD music player has a feature where, as a Smart Playlist rule, you can add a “linked” Smart Playlist. It’s very nice at cutting down on boilerplate rules and redundancy, especially when creating them on each separate mobile device.

Effectively, if we’re talking SQLite operations, this is a recursive operation where, upon use of a Smart Filter in the application, it must recursively embed the rules from each linked Smart Playlist, in parenthesis, at the point where the simple rule SQL would have been written.

It was requested again later and will be present in next release.

But this is not just SQL issues, this is users issues too, Smart playlist A include Smart Playlist B include Smart Playlist A :wink:

And then the SQL complexity of handling the limits and users not understanding the results they have because they have no understanding of how things works.

So I hope there won’t be too much support generated by users, because users love to touch things then complain and bad rate because they changed a setting they did not understood.

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Haha. The infinite recursion didn’t occur to me, but that’s a fun programming problem to solve.