Smart playlist details

Feature description:

Can we please have a way to get detailed smart playlist info, in particular total storage size of all items in the list to have an idea how much space is needed on the device for offline cache? It’s important when offlining FLACs which can be big.

I know this info can be dynamic but it’s useful as an estimate computed each time when viewing “playlist details” for example.

Problem solved:

estimates storage used offline

Brought benefits:

estimates storage used offline

Other application solutions:

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Many providers do not expose the file length during sync and it’s impossible to know the size when it’s transcoded and of course it’s dynamic.

Unfortunate to go with the lowest common denominator. Why not display as much info as possible when available, otherwise show something to the effect of size not supported by provider.

Because playlists are multi providers.

I bet most people don’t use them like that and the common use case is 1 server + maybe local. At least that’s the case for me Plex + local (but with the offline cache I don’t even need local, Plex alone is good enough).

Ha the millions I heard those :slight_smile: My use case would work don’t care about the others, my use case must be the most common, …

Even for Plex + Local playlist, showing the size would means absolutely nothing in term of what more space it would take locally to offline cache the missing parts.
Same if half the playlist is already cached.

So many cases and as soon as transcoding is enabled then size just means nothing.

So can we please move on, you want things for Smart Playlist that can’t be achieved in Symfonium.