Smart filter: play percentage

Feature description:

Would it be possible to have a “played percentage” filter, so if i played more than 50% of the song, it would be added to a smart playlist, and similarly, if i play less than 10% it would be added to another.

Problem solved:

I am lazy, so sorting songs i rately listen to and often listen to is not something i do much, and I would also like a filter on my “cache” playlist, so if i play less than 50% it does not get added.

Brought benefits:

A new filter option i am sure many others will find a use for, maybe similarly to my own needs/wants.

Other application solutions:

I have yet to find another app that can do this, then again, i rend to try one app at a time, and if it works i remove the other candidates.

Additional description and context:

Not sure if more details are needed, but if you need any details, feel free to ask.

Screenshots / Mockup:


Since it has been marked as implemented, may i ask how i can get this functionality in a smart playlist? It is not immediatly obvious to me how to so this with the current filters.

You wait for a release that state it’s added in the changelog :wink:

whiny voice but I want it now!

But for real Thanks :slight_smile: gonna make it much easier to clean up my music library, while sinoly listening to it :smile: