Slow or unable to connect

Issue description:

When trying to connect, the app is unresponsive or says too may errors. It didn’t produce that in this log, but it did have trouble connecting. Maybe there is something in this log for you. I’ll try to reproduce it again in another log. Thank you.


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Additional information:

Also not my Sonos Kitchen Pair shows twice, but they are a Stereo Pair. Plex shows only One, not two.

Reproduction steps:

Devise disappeared from list, came back after I ran network check on it.
Screenshot is what I see and which device I’m connected to. Not very clear. Playback is on the TX-NR636.
Thank you

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Can you please imagine you are me and know nothing about your setup and issue.

And then try to understand what you wrote.

I have no idea what I’m suppose to look for.

Sure,. We’ll I don’t know how to read logs, so I don’t know what you would even look for. As description states, Slow or unable to connect.

My issue is connecting to the Onkyo TX-NR636 via my S21 Ultra phone. It is hard wired on my network and has a static IP. It won’t connect, when it’s visible. Sometimes it’s not visible. First time I tried, it worked perfectly. When I try to connect now, it either isn’t listed, or it gives “too many errors to play” message. When I try to connect, the songs will bounce back and forth and give an error or takes 30 seconds to a minute to play a song.

Screeshot is of the available devices and the TX is on the bottom. How do i know im connected? Not sure what else I can say.

Well you say that you have errors and not responsive at first without details and say that it’s not present in the logs, then talk about sonos then talk about a screenshot saying it’s connected but not clear.

And now you tell that that it have problem to connect but also ask how to know if you are connected, so that’s again quite contradictory if you don’t know how to see if it’s connected how can you tell it’s not?

The active renderer is the line with a different backgound :slight_smile:
The cast button in the app is colored in red with a bar in the middle when it’s not connected.

In your screenshot it’s connected and works and there’s no errors in the logs except plex that stop answering at some point.

So still not sure what your issue is.

Please forgive my typos. Tiny phone keyboards.

Its slow and unstable. Thats the issue. Sometimes it connects, Sometimes it doesn’t. Im just giving you my description the best I can. I apologize if it doesn’t meet your standards.

The Sonos issue is not related and I shouldn’t have listed it at all.

I cant tell if Im connected, One, because there is NO sound and Two, because the rendered background is just faint. I guess im used to seeing some sort of playback symbol indicator or something. It will be highlighted, with no sound or songs bouncing around. not contradictory, just explaining what its doing. Again, I apologize for my error.

Ill try to reproduce the errors and upload new logs.