Sleep timer improvements

The sleep timer is currently behind three dots for more actions, then sleep timer, then drag slider, then start.

That’s 3 clicks and a click & drag just to get sleep timer started. If for example you set 10 minute timer and don’t fall asleep in those 10 minutes, you have to fire up your phone, stare at your screen and do those 4 clicks all over again.

One could argue that could just set the sleep timer for longer to start with, but that just kicks the can down the road. The next day you would have to spend longer trying to find where you might have been in a book when you fall asleep, if you can pick a shortish sleep timer, you don’t have to seek as far back.

Instead I’d love to see a sleep timer toggle on the main playing screen that pulls a default time period already set in settings.

Looking at how other apps do this - I think Smart AudioBook Player (Alex Software) has done this very well. Buried away in settings you define (once) how long the default sleep timer you want to be and then it’s there on the main interface ready to toggle as you need it, then when it’s in use, as your timer starts to near the end of its set period, the audio starts to fade out, giving you an audible clue to wake your phone to auto-engage another period of the sleep timer, usually you can do this without even looking at your phone by just moving it or clicking the power button, and at worst you need to unlock and just click ‘play’. When you’re listening to audiobooks & going to sleep this minimal interaction allows you to easily choose a shortish sleep timer window that you can refresh as many times as you need thereby reducing the amount of back tracking on subsequent days because I know I only need to search the last 10 minutes.

Anyhow, loving the app so far and its Plex integration, just hopeful some polish to the sleep timer could be added at some point in the future. Wouldn’t need to implement everything described above all at once, even just improving its immediate access & adding a default value setting would be a big improvement.

Next version will improve a little the dialog design and will have a default of 15 minutes instead of 0. (Not configurable sorry).

The sleep timer will also be available as a line in the additional information row in the now playing screen. (Click to change the active information displayed and long click to trigger the action, so for sleep timer it will show the sleep timer dialog).

I’ll close this issue, but in the internal todo, there’s already the volume fade and an end of song option

Thanks so much for implementing these changes, look forward to trying the new version!