Skipping Tracks - Error in Log

Issue description:

After a while, Symfonium started skipping tracks, sometimes only playing 2-3 seconds of each song up until I killed the app.

When I reviewed the logs I can see errors, particularly at the end of the log just before I killed the app.

Logs: (3.9 MB)


Not relevant

Additional information:

This may have been just after I was shown the changelog after the new beta was installed

stream was reset: INTERNAL_ERROR

Have you checked Navidrome and your proxy logs?

I was connected via WiFi, so Navidrome does not use the proxy in this case.

Random error, so close the ticket.

This is not how things works …
This is not Navidrome that use the proxy or not it’s Symfonium with the configuration you made and the configuration does not change between Wifi and no Wifi.

So you probably are using the proxy.