Skip tracks with volume button

Feature description:

Switch tracks by long pressing the volume control button while the screen is off

Problem solved:

This feature solves the problem of having to be distracted from activities (driving, sports, etc.) by looking for buttons on the screen. There are situations when it is impossible to get the phone out of your pocket, while you can hold the volume button right through your clothes

Brought benefits:

This feature will increase comfort and help you avoid having to take your phone out of your pocket, as well as allow you not to be distracted from business, driving or sports

Other application solutions:

 Poweramp ( have this feature. Root access is not necessary, but requires once run adb command 

Additional description and context:

 Not provided 

Screenshots / Mockup:



Sorry no plans for that, this is not really official and 99% of users don’t know how to use adb commands.

In most case you can use your headphone buttons to skip or voice commands in Android auto.

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