Similar Artists

When under an artist would there be a way to add a button or option to bring up a list or new view that only shows similar artists to the one you were currently looking at? Or even better make it part of the artists page at the bottom under albums and top tracks labeled “Similar artists” and you can scroll through them like you can the albums above?

Thank you

The concept of Similar artist is complex and requires data that nearly no media provider exposes. Since Symfonium is an offline first application this is not really possible to implement.

If you only says they are similar by genre then you can click the genre at the bottom of the artist detail view.

Thanks for replying! So you say there is a genre list for the artist? I just looked up and down the artist page including the drop down menu under the artist picture but do not see anything that would show what you stated. You are right, seeing a list of artists with similar genre would be perfect I just don’t think I am seeing this option at all?

It depends on your media provider and the data it provide, but yes when on an artist detail page there’s the list of genre clickable in the about part.

I am currently using Navidrome (subsonic) for media. I do have proper tags but I do not see much info on the artists page just albums and top tracks. Thanks for the info.

Yes navidrome does not report genre for artists. I should maybe propose an option to assign song genre to artists during sync.