Similar Artists instant mix

Feature description:

Ideally, as first suggested here, I’d like to be able to create instant playlist for “Similar Artists”, just like it’s done in sonixd: when you’re on an artist page, it creates a playlist with songs from this artist, bit also from ( similar artists, not only based on genre, but also on tags, which is much broader than genre, but also smarter (imho) for this kind of playlists.

Problem solved:

Not really a problem, but just a lack of a nice-to-have feature

Brought benefits:

when you’re in a mood to listen to music similar to some artists, it’s great

Other application solutions:

sonixd does that. It’s being rewritten as feishin, but since it’s quite in its early state, I don’t know if it’s already available in feishin.

I’ve installed the last beta version where this feature is implemented, but I wonder, is it supposed to work with Navidrome?
I’m asking because it seems to be “just” a personal mix based on similar genre

If it answer to the API call yes.

Use radio mix not instant mix.

I used radio mix. But it feels like it’s not working, or just based on genre, not based on tags like in sonixd

Feel is not something I can deal with.

Provide logs and details.

@tinbapakk again, without logs and details nothing can be done and it will as is in release version …

Sorry about the late response, busy days.

You were right and I was wrong (unless you changed something in the latest beta).
Somehow, when I tried this feature, I picked an artist which, for unknown reasons (really), doesn’t display any similar artists in sonixd (but I wasn’t aware of that at that time).

I tried other ones, and the playlist Symfonium generated were just right :+1:t3:
I tested with one artist that I know for sure only has 3 similar artists in sonixd, and Symfonium generated playlist with tracks from those 3 artists only.

Sorry about that, and thanks for that useful feature :+1:t3:

Nothing was changed, instant mix is the fallback if the server have no data or network errors.