Shuffle Play for Playlists

…in the context menu for each playlist in the the Playlists Library. So,
Play next…
–Shuffle play–
Add to playing queue”

Why not click the playlist then click the random button? It’s the same amount of clicks and way easier to do than clicking small 3 dots and small menu lines.

Largely because it’s what I’m used to and the layout of buttons (with exception to the play/shuffle buttons) in the playlist view are kind of confusing. The best case scenario for me would be to just press one button to shuffle play a playlist from the playlist library.

I can’t think of a beautiful way for 1 click play / queue / shuffle.

But what is confusing in the top rows of buttons they are the same everywhere for consistency and explicit? Specially if you are ok with the first 2.

One way to shut me up is to put a toggle in to switch out “play” for “shuffle play” for playlists.

I don’t know what those buttons are that aren’t play and shuffle play on the playlist view and after spending 20 seconds trying to figure it out I don’t care all that much. Tooltips are probably helpful here.

The buttons are consistent with the rest of the app, there’s a queue button and a smart mix button (it plays the media with an advanced random but not random order).

Not sure to understand the switch, I guess you mean the play from the 3 dots?

Anyway in next version I’ll also enable the drag and drop for playlists with a shuffle target for easier actions.

What’s the “advanced” random mean?

The actual names are personal mixes as in the home view.

It’s based on play counts/ ratings / last played to ensure that there’s things you like more, yet still other things and still ensuring diversity between runs.

Cool, thanks for that