Shuffle always plays the same tracks

I noticed that everytime I shuffle the song list, I get the same tracks playing. It only seems to happen when shuffling all songs, not a genre or playlist. The expected behaviour would be to have a new song order everytime I hit the shuffle button.
Using emby as the media provider. Symfonium version 1.5.0B1(629).

Sometimes I wonder why I bother make the template and put all those messages about the logs :slight_smile:

As a reminder for the others.

When you have an issue that you can repro it takes you 30 seconds to gather the logs and I have everything I need to fix.
If you do not provide the logs, I need to guess and try to reproduce.
Symfonium have dozens of settings and 10 ways to do each things, this means that it can take me 1 or 2 hours or even more and something I might even not be able to reproduce.

Now you multiply by 1000 users.
If all users provide logs I do not loose any time and can fix all the issues and still work on improving the app.
If no user provides logs I’ll loose 1500 hours trying to reproduce. 8 hours of work per day this means 187 days … That’s half a year of work lost for no reasons.

I do not ask for logs for the fun.

The attitude was completely unnecessary. So much for trying to help out. Good luck.

Yes I’m a very bad person to try to explain why there’s a single simple rule on this forum.

And you are a very nice person for not respecting that rule and not understanding the explanation.

When you smoke under a no smoke sign and someone makes a remark, the person that makes the remark is not the problem.