Shuffle all songs only shuffles about half of my songs

I have 5415 songs in my library, when I go to songs → shuffle or play, I get 2031 songs in queue. The only way to get all 5415 songs into the queue is to press the add to queue button (29.7 MB)

Yes with save state enabled there’s some limits.

If you had 800000 songs a now playing queue of 800000 songs makes no sense and would be cause issues.

To play all songs in random the best way is to use the last button that ensure better results.

Why do you need a queue of 5000 songs ? That’s more than 10 days.

My concern was that the 2031 songs selected might always be the same. Therefore over half of my songs might never get a chance to be played, is this the case?

It seemed like there was no logic to 2031 songs so therefore I thought it might be a bug.

If you press play yes.

But if you press shuffle with no luck it could eventually happen.

But with the mix button (the last one) it can’t happen this takes many things in account to ensure.

With that said I must admit that the 2031 might be confusing and I should make it more round.

You can also directly use the mix button from the home page.