Show folders in search view as an optional togglable filter

Currently there are no way to search by folders, only by tags.
I have a >6TB music collection, tagged in various languages which I don’t speak, but I’ve kept it well organized with a dirname pattern containing the romanized names.

The only way I can find them is through the files view, which as you mentionned, intentionnally lacks functionalities.

Could it be possible to add “Folders”, next to “Genres” & “Playlists” in the search view?

And as expected no template filed :slight_smile:

No this is not possible, what most people do is set the sort titles to romanized text. Unfortunately Subsonic API does not yet support those.

Symfonium is probably not the app you need for Airsonic in file mode.

Very sorry to hear this since some functionalities are already in the app.

You don’t have personal interest in this, or don’t think other users would also use it?

This is just not possible, the search is meant for offline mode and many servers does not have that folder data, typically Navidrome the most used Subsonic server by default do not expose them with the data.

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You’re right, I completely forgot about Navidrome… last time I checked deluan was still against folder browsing.
[Feature Request] Folder View · Issue #2031 · navidrome/navidrome · GitHub this issue is still opened though.

Maybe wait and see, or it’s a definitive NO from the symfonium viewpoint?

This does not work for other providers too.

So yes it’s no. For your need the solution is to use sort titles with the roman letters.
Symfonium already handle those correctly and once the Subsonic API is extended to support them it will work with it.

Ok I understand. Search and library modes are meant to be used both online and offline, the exact same way.

Now the “Files” view is specifically made for use when online, and connected to a remote server.
What about adding a search folder in this area of the app, and specifically for folders only?
Please tell me what you think about it. :crossed_fingers:


This is not possible, there’s no API for that.

Do that would mean I need to send thousands of queries to browse all the folders and subfolders.
So for your large library like at least 10 min to have the result :wink:

I never digged into subsonic’s API, but looks like… it works?


gives me exactly what I’m looking for:

<subsonic-response status="ok" version="1.15.0" xmlns="" type="gonic">
        <album id="al-5740" coverArt="al-5740" created="2022-10-17T06:37:44.834234391+02:00" isDir="true" isVideo="false" parent="al-5739" title="Siriporn Ampaipong (ศิริพร อำไพพงษ์) -1991- โบว์รักสีดำ {PGM-CD 037} [CD-FLAC]"></album>
        <album id="al-5742" coverArt="al-5742" created="2022-10-25T06:47:42.628079417+02:00" isDir="true" isVideo="false" parent="al-5739" title="Siriporn Ampaipong (ศิริพร อำไพพงษ์) -2013.05.30- ศิริพร อำไพพงษ์ จัมโบ้ฮิต [WEB-FLAC]"></album>
        <album id="al-19984" coverArt="al-19984" created="2022-10-25T07:25:31.588837334+02:00" isDir="true" isVideo="false" parent="al-15745" title="Siriporn Ampaipong (ศิริพร อำไพพงษ์) -2003- รวมฮิต บันทึกรัก {G-0546139} [CD-FLAC]"></album>

which are folders? or i’m missing something?


What could album be ? :slight_smile:

Returns albums, artists and songs matching the given search criteria. Supports paging through the result.

So those should be the album names as synced in Symfonium so you can already search them.

Searching “siriporn” on symfonium will give me no results since, as mentionned earlier, symfonium searches in tags, and it won’t find anything since the artist tag is “ศิริพร อำไพพงษ์”.

You told me earlier several times it was impossible with the current API implementation of Subsonic, and I just showed you it’s doable.
On the request I made, the rest api sent back the name of the folder of the album, not the vorbis comment “ALBUM” of the files from the said-album

When I follow the logs of gonic, I don’t see any request to the server when I’m doing a search on Symfonium; I assume the search is made towards the local database (ie, tags-only search). Correct so far?

Yes search is local only.

And search2 is special and not working on all servers, and not returning the folders at 100% of the cases.
And not working for local provider or all the other ones.

And just to resume again you said search in folder not search in the exact album folder name :wink:

/music/techno/robert duval/compilations/album name/xxx.mp3 search2 would not match techno or robert or duval or compilations.

This is not a search in folder this is an ugly API that happens to maybe fit your needs but does not fit any other user needs.

I’ll now stop arguing I have better things to do sorry.

ok so the whole discussion went from “nooo it’s not possible”, to “nooo you’re using it wrong”, to “yes it works but you’re an idiot!” to “noooo i’m not implementing it because no one would use it!”

this literally is a search that returns foldernames that contain audiofles

like fixing the bugs I reported? or being annoyingly condescending with someone else?

Are you real?

You asked for a folder search, I’ve just shown you even with search2 that only covers a small part of subsonic servers and no other servers (so like 5% of my users) it still does not do a folder search but a final folder search so even less useful.

So no change on my side, this is still not possible to do the first request, your ultra specific need to search only on the last folder level is effectively possible in 5% of the cases but would effectively not be used by anyone but you …

There’s only 1 “real” bug reported and yes as written there it’s already fixed.

So please do not invert roles here. And I skip the part where you ignored all the mandatory templates that clearly state that I can just close and ignore those :wink:

So this is more a I want something so badly that I know better than the dev and will try to argue until the end of time to prove him that he must do what will only suits me.

then instead of assuring me something is impossible, just say you won’t be bothered adding it from the beginning?

this is more “thing works” “no” “thing works” “no” for hours, until the dev finally admits thing works but no one would care about it

glad to hear it m8

I love you always reading half the things :slight_smile:

Folder search is impossible for all the servers I support.
End of story.

The issue was changed to won’t implement since the start this is pretty clear no?

You kept arguing trying to find a flaw, you found one that fit only your need and not the more global need. And even so only for 5% of the supported servers.

So to resume not possible as a normal feature. Your ultra specific need could work for 5% of the servers.

So I should add something not working for 99% of the usages, but only for you and only for a very small part of the supported servers.

Open your eyes about what happened here. And keep ignoring the template part or having to ask twice for logs to be able to fix that single bug :wink:

Bug fix that is already in prod on 4.2.0a that Google validated instantly.
So OMG what an horrible person am I :wink: