Show file info on the "now playing" screen

There’s an empty space where file info could be shown on the now playing screen, like file type and bitrate. See image below.

By comparison, the original emby app:

Thanks for implementing this.

Just as a minor point for styling, FLAC tracks appear to be displayed as “Flac.” I haven’t checked to see if that’s a weblate thing, but it does look a bit off without the all-caps for the acronym.

Is the bitrate actually something you want here instead of bit depth? So, “24-bit/192 kHz” instead of just “5200 kb/s - 192 kHz.” I would argue that the former is far more valuable information and in line with what other players provide. I would think the bitrate is better left for the details screen.

I see Poweramp does provide the bitrate similar to the current Symfonium implementation.

I don’t mind it all that much, but I’d personally vote for styling more along the lines of “FLAC - 24/192” compared to the current “Flac - 5200 kb/s - 192 kHz.”

Or, double down on what Poweramp has and make this field clickable, so that it cycles through:
next queued track - artist name
[FLAC - 24/192?]
current/total tracks in queue

Currently relying on Android parser for the info and it’s very limited and broken :slight_smile:

Anyway for the record for 90% of the users who play lossy format, the bitrate is the most important part as it’s the actual quality. Furthermore you need to understand that it’s the media information not what is actually rendered. If the player plays as 16b/48Khz the info would not match. And currently the option says media info.