Show cached media even when provider is offline

Feature description:

When “Media available offline” is on everything else is hidden.
When “Hide unavailable providers” is on all files including cached ones are hidden when it goes offline.
When both are on and the provider is online only cached media is shown and when offline nothing is.
So I’m forced to pick between knowing if a provider is offline or seeing my cached media by cycling the filters.

Problem solved:

When a provider status changes you have to cycle the cache/provider filter to show the tracks you can still play.

Brought benefits:

The app shows what tracks are currently available to play, which is more relevant to a user than where they come from.

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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Screenshots / Mockup:


What is the actual use cases to have both on?

Describe your setup.

I have a navidrome at home and I cache music when I leave and would like it to seemlessly show whats available in the library depending on if I’m connected or not.

When I leave or get back I have to cycle the filters to see cached media vs whole library.

Just enable the automatic offline option?

It automatically toggle the Available offline and does what you want.

The whole library is over 100gb.
This also doesn’t solve the problem if I add more providers, I have no convinient way to see which media between them is currently playable…

You miss read what said I’m talking about the option that toggle automatically the available offline filter.

That solve your now problem and is there for that.

For your if, this require a new filter Only playable media.

Ah ok,
If you mean the option that toggles this based on WIFI status, that only works occassionally, as I often do have a wifi connection outside my home, but the navidrome is only accessible from home.
The functionality is exactly what I want, but it’d have to be based on the provider rather than the wifi.

Just got the new update, works great.

Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face: