Should downloads show when selecting "available offline"?

Not trying to ignore the template, but this is more of a general question.
I have downloaded some albums by selecting “save to downloads folder”. That worked great and they were even transcoded on the fly. I thought that when I then selected filter–>“available offline” all the downloaded files would show up. But this was not the case. When I select that the library is totally empty.

Am I supposed to be using the “cache” feature instead if I want to have a selection of files available when I am offline?

EDIT## Basically it looks like downloaded media is not usable with this app? I put my phone on airplane mode and it doesn’t see the downloaded media. I am just trying to be sure I have the functionality correct.

Yes you need to use the offline cache functions to have the media working offline as the name implies.

The download function is just an helper function for some users who may need it but it not meant to be used as offline cache.

You can use the download function then add the local provider for example but this is a lot less efficient.

Thanks for quick reply that makes sense. I have to say the download feature is super handy in its own right. Thanks for adding both.

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