Settings - Renderer settings


  • Requires Symfonium 8.0.0 at least.
  • The application evolve frequently and in some cases the documentation can be late, just leave a message in the chat if you find an issue with the docs.

Renderer settings

Symfonium allows configuration that are specific to each renderer, in the cast dialog just press the configure button.

Volume steps

Volume change applied by each button press (Now playing buttons or hardware buttons when casting)

Proxy via Symfonium

Use Symfonium as a proxy when casting to the provider to workaround connection or certificate issues. Will use a lot more battery!

UPnP gapless support

Some devices may incorrectly implement support for gapless, report to support with logs and disable this setting.

UPnP alternative flags

Some devices may require different flags to accept playback, this setting switches between two modes.

Note: The available settings will depend on the renderer type, as upnp settings does not applies to Chromecast for example.

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