Settings - Offline, Cache and Download


  • Some settings may not be available on all Android version and some may only be visible when other related settings are enabled.
  • The application evolve frequently and in some cases the documentation can be late, just leave a message in the chat if you find an issue with the docs.

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Cache storage location

If you have an external SD Card, you can select it here to store the offline media and the image cache there.

Rolling cache size

Enable a rolling cache (oldest files are automatically removed from that cache when size is bigger than the configured value).
Once enabled you can cache media in that cache (Permanent offline cache is always available).

Automatic offline mode

When enabled Symfonium will automatically switch the available offline filter, effectively putting you in offline mode

Only consider primary connection for wifi status

Some VPN application, wireguard may cause issue with wifi status, disable this option to check alternative connections.


Wifi only downloads

When enabled prevent offline file cache on mobile network. (This does not impact playback cache)

Offline cache and download quality

Configure the offline cache media quality (Transcoding)

Prefer server version on Wifi

If the device is connected to Wifi try to stream from the server and ignore the offline cache that can have lower quality.

Automatic offline cache of favorite

When enabled, when you favorite something it will be automatically offline cached.
If you have a default offline cache quality lower than original you can configure the favorite cache to be at original quality.

Slower downloads

Some servers or proxy can have issues with Symfonium optimized offline cache system. Enable this option to reduce any potential issues.


Playback cache size

Configure the size of the playback cache. When enabled Symfonium will try to pre cache the current songs and the following queued songs to better support slow cellular network or network interruption.

Pre cache songs (Mobile)

The number of songs to pre cache in now playing queue when connected to a mobile network.

Pre cache songs (Wifi)

The number of songs to pre cache in now playing queue when connected to a wifi network.

Add playback cached media to offline rolling cache

If you have enabled rolling cache, you can automatically put media fully cached from playback to that cache.
The files will be cached at the current playback quality and not download quality (So if you transcode on mobile to lower quality the files will be cached at that lower quality).


Persistent image cache

By default Symfonium cache the provider images in it’s cache folder to allow easy cleanup when required, or automatically by the OS when you run out of space. Unfortunately some “optimizer” tools clear this too often or some OS bugs can trigger the cleanup. If you rely a lot on offline mode then you can enable this option to ensure persistent image cache.

Wifi only image downloads

When enabled images not already cached will not be downloaded on mobile network.

High quality Images

Store the cached images in a lossless format, while this increase the quality a little, the space used is increased by a lot.