Set track to "skip when shuffling"

Feature description:

It would be awesome if there was a way to set individual tracks to not play when in shuffle mode. Much like an anti-favorite button. Just today I wanted to shuffle through The Beatles and at least half the songs were from the Anthology series since they make up a good chunk of the library. While I love listening to those albums and want them in my library, hearing Take 2 of Your Mother Should Know over the final version is rarely my preference.

Problem solved:

This would allow users to filter out tracks that they wish to keep in their library but may not want to hear all too often (say, the Esher demos from the White Album reissue or alternate takes added as bonus content to an album)

Brought benefits:

It will help focus the shuffle even further and avoid cluttering the queue with tracks that are likely to be skipped.

Other application solutions:

I haven’t used iTunes in many years but they had (and may still have) a setting within their metadata editor that was a simple check box labeled “skip when shuffling”. Since you don’t have an editor like that, maybe double tapping the “favorite” button could behave the same way. One tap to favorite, second tap to X out and trigger the shuffle skip, third tap makes it neutral again.

Additional description and context:



Screenshots / Mockup:


You can achieve that with 1 / 2 star rating and using the mix buttons, those will be ignored.

The problem of such value is that no provider support them so this reduce the usuability of this a lot.

If that’s the only way to make it work then I’d suggest making star ratings a mass editable feature like favoriting is. Personally I avoid star ratings in favor of the ease of hitting the little heart.