Set download folder

Feature description:

Symfonium already has the ability to download songs to the Downloads folder; it would be nice to be able to customize which folder downloads get saved to.

Brought benefits:

I download a lot of music on my phone - usually not for playback, but for things like editing tags before I upload the tracks back to my library, or sending music files to friends over services like Discord. I have a dedicated MusicDownloads folder to keep these downloads separate from my regular web downloads.

Sorry no plans for that, you need to thanks Google that blocks more and more direct files access.

I do not want to deal with SAF writing for the download feature too many problems with resuming and everything.

The media are in a Symfonium sub folder it’s a fast to move them via the OS file app.

Thanks for the reply! I guess this isn’t the app for me then - I’m looking for something that will work with the Storage Access Framework, which it seems most Android apps support straightforwardly these days.

I do support it for all the functions necessary for Symfonium.

Downloads outside of offline cache is an added bonus not a main function of the app. Support would be a burden for no gain.

But yes if all you need is a download app this is not the app you are looking for.

That’s totally reasonable! Symfonium seems really polished and featureful, just not quite right for my particular use case. Thanks for your time!