Seperate Transcoding Settings per Auto Offline Rule

#feature-requests Feature description:

When adding an Auto Offline Cache rule to a playlist, I’d like to be able to set the transcoding rate of the playlist being saved.

Problem solved:

Phones typically have limited storage in comparison to machines hosting media providers. Large music libraries, particularly with Uncompressed or Hi-Res audio can balloon the file sizes of an auto offline cache. Transcoding your entire cache helps with this, but comes at a minor trade off of audio quality, which may be undesired for specific songs.

Brought benefits:

Setting transcoding rates for individual playlists, could allow users to choose a priority for what songs take up space on their device compared to others. Currently, Transcoding songs for offline cache is an all or nothing process. A reasonable use case may be to save a larger playlist at a more reduced bitrate verses a playlist like “Favorite Songs” at Original quality.

This can allow more flexibility in the user’s library size. Hi-Res audio especially has diminishing returns for songs that a user isn’t already extremely familiar with, but may be desired for frequently repeated songs where the difference is more noticeable.

Other application solutions:

Nothing I’m aware of.

Additional description and context:

Nothing I can think of at this time.

Screenshots / Mockup:

A system like this would probably need a place to manage which offline rules have which transcoding settings, and likely would need to be able to determine priority for songs that are in multiple Offline Rules at once. When I made the mockup, I for some reason assumed that priority would have to manually be resolved, thus the drag icons on the left, but thinking it over now, a system could probably just download highest quality first then work down the list. Regardless, I think if any place made sense for such an option, it’s either the Auto-Offline rules, or the advanced settings where Transcoding options currently live.

Sorry can’t add this in that form, way too complicated for users and to properly handle all the cases like songs in different cases as you said.
There’s not only playlist to handle but also genres / artists and full provider sync.

The only possible thing I could add is that if you have enabled transcoding in the settings, then when doing manual caching an option is proposed to cache at original quality. But would be manual selection and manual caching.

Honestly, that seems like a fine option. I can’t speak for anybody else, but typically my favorites category is small enough that the occasional manual addition is completely reasonable. So, such a solution fits my personal needs just fine