Send album artist metadata to notifications


It goes without saying that this is the best app I have used for my Navidrome server, but something that bugs me as a user is that tracks from compilations are not scrobbled as they normally should since it appears that the album artist tag is not sent in order to be read by apps such as Pano Scrobbler or Scroball.

This creates multiple album entries for every artist in the compilation album instead of a single entry under the Various Artists album artist name.

It would much appreciated if such a change could be implemented.

Both are published, please provide logs and details.

debug.log (2.2 MB)

I’ve uploaded a debug log here and a screenshot of my where the differences between a scrobble sent through the built-in navidrome scrobbler and one sent through Pano Scrobbler by reading the Symfonium notification. In the first case all scrobbles are placed in the same Various Artists album, while the second one created entries for the artist, so it generates plays for 100 different albums in a 100 tracks compilation.

Navidrome itself have access to more data that what is published via the API.

Can you provide logs during a full sync so I can see the metadata Navidrome return for those songs.

I have added here a log generated while syncing.

Ok thanks so one last thing what exact songs generate that so I’m sure because the screenshot is not clear what is what.

I can see that many various artists songs are returned with and artist name but no artistId, probably a special way Navidrome handle those instead of returning the various artist id.

@tirdea still around?