Selected music can play on a chosen device independently

Feature description:

Each selected “play on” device can have a different queue of music and/or playlist to play .

Problem solved:

An app user can select songs or create a playlist and then play on a device A . Other song or playlist can be played on a device B. The idea is to play diffent music on different rooms.

While playing music on device A, user can select to “play on” device B, all the music queues and/or playlist of device B will be replaced by device A’s.

Brought benefits:

App users will be able to setup play on devices in different rooms to play different music simultaneously.

Other application solutions:

Sonos and Synology DsAudio implemented the feature.

Additional description and context:


Screenshots / Mockup:

Sorry but out of scope for Symfonium.

Other solutions are single server and the queue in not handled in the phone app.
This does not work for Symfonium as multi server and handling the queue management on the phone.
Would be insanely hard to not generate issues and would use a ton of battery, specially if you need to handle multiple transcoding.

Thanks for your response. Sonos app at least allows the requested feature to be played with downloaded songs.

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