Select Smart Playlist for Continuous Playback

Feature description:

Like the “Continuous playback” option under “Automatic actions,” add an option to choose a smart playlist to begin when the play queue ends. It could be a playlist that was manually selected in settings, or (if possible) the same smart playlist that created the queue could begin again.

Problem solved:

Smart playlists update as songs are played, but play queues do not. If a smart playlist is curated based on “last played” or “played count,” those changes will not take effect until a new play queue is created from the smart playlist.

Brought benefits:

Version 9.1.0 added the smart playlist filter in smart playlists, allowing for nested smart playlists. A customized radio playlist is now possible, but this requested feature would increase that functionality. It would allow live updated play queues and allow multiple (smart) playlists to be woven together evenly.

Here is an example of nested smart playlists to create a personalized “radio” playlist/queue:
A) Playlist filled with new albums.
B) Smart playlist: 1 count of unplayed songs from (A) in Default order
C) Smart playlist: 1 count of 5-star songs with the oldest Last Played date.
D) Smart playlist: 1 count of 4-star songs with the oldest Last Played date.
E) Combine B,C, & D in random order.
If (E) could start again when it concludes, it would automatically play a set of 3 songs with 2 familiar favorites and 1 new song. That set of 3 would be generated repeatedly over time, cycling through the user’s library. This would prevent the possibility of randomly playing the same song twice until each song had played.

Another possible use case would be to create a playlist of each family members’ favorites, and then use a nested set of smart lists like above to create a smart playlist queue that integrates each member’s favorites. The resulting queue would play an equal number of songs from each member’s list.

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You are kinda trying to rebuild the song mix function here. That’s utterly complicated for the majority of users to even just think about this :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’re right!

I may not fully understand Song Mix. When I’ve used that, it seems to just be a random selection of songs irrespective of my ratings, play count, or last played.

I’ve been hunting for an Android media player that could do advanced smart playlist stuff and this is so close I just had to put in the request!

Some streaming services make an attempt (mixed playlists on Spotify or ratings & radio on Apple Music), but I prefer local media of course.

Well no the song mixes are very much based on ratings, favorites, playcount and lastplayed.

Thank you for the info. I probably haven’t used it (or the app) enough to appreciate the effect. The majority of my mp3 library is unrated and unplayed, and that ends up dominating the song mix (about 90%).
This is what has me cooking up this idea. I’d love it if I could dial in how much (and what order) the new to me stuff comes up.