Select/Delete Multiple Playlists

Issue description:

I have many playlists and like how symfonium imports and auto-syncs my read-only navidrome playlists, however I have been finding that i sometimes want to clear all symfonium playlists and re-import (currently that creates duplicates). maybe im blind, but i could not find a way to select (and delete) multiple playlists. i ended up manually deleting each one by one with the 3 dot menu. Am i missing something super obvious here?


That’s currently not possible, but why do you need to do that?

same here, it’s difficult to keep track which playlist is already imported and which not.

see here: Add skip existing playlist in import playlist dialog

so i’m doing the same, delete all playlists and import them again, but with 100 playlists its really annoying.

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Any chance of this being implemented any time soon? I accidentally imported a lot of playlists again and now every playlist appears twice. It would be very handy to have this feature to remove such accidents in a fast way.

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I have an issue where my playlists were imported with the incorrect option and I need to delete 100 of them. As long as a bulk import process exists there will always be a need to bulk delete playlists.

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I just had to manually delete about 50 playlists because I accidentally double imported. Would like anything that helps prevent that issue

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I agree, the issue is genuine for those who manage numerous playlists. I hope that some day a future app update will focus specifically on improving the playlist management features. It would be great to have the option to delete all playlists with a single touch. I’d also appreciate the ability to hide the three vertical dots on thumbnails on the Playlists page. I prefer having five playlists per row, and currently, the small thumbnails are overshadowed by the three-dot icon. Essentially, I’d like the Playlists page to offer the same level of customization as the Album or Compilation pages.

If only there was a way to make proper feature requests. Ho wait … :wink:

Multi select is present in 10.1 for the record.

And skip duplicate is also present :wink:

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Just expressing a wish, not filing a feature request. :star2:

P. S. I’ll consider it later. Thanks