Select all button in multiselect

Feature description:

This feature is quite useful (Multi select in grid/lists), but it would be nice if it had a button to select all the items in the current list.

Problem solved:

I have some quite large playlists and it would good to select all the items in them at once to perform actions on them.

Brought benefits:

I’ll admit it’s possible this is specific to me, but any user who has moderately large playlists would benefit from this.

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Sorry this is not really possible as all the data is not always loaded in memory.

What would be the action that you want to do on all the media?

Right now I’d like to favorite them all. But I can also imagine wanting to add them all to another playlist. I was also looking for another tool or program that can take a playlist or playlist file and favorite them all in navidrome if you know something else that would help with that.

Well you can use the API and write a script.

Yeah, that was what I was going to try eventually, although I don’t have any experience with the subsonic api (yet). Thanks for the responses!

It’s not complicated and you can cheat, enable logs in Symfonium do the things and see the calls in the logs :wink:

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Was pretty simple actually, got a simple shell pipeline with curl and xargs to add my favorites from a playlist. Thanks for the pointers, I guess my immediate use-case isn’t so immediate now.