Second additional song information in lists not displayed in Playlists

Issue description:

Hello, sorry for the last posting of issue, was a little busy with work. When i go to the ‘interface settings’ then ‘media lists’ and select ‘codec and bitrate/quality’ in ‘second additional song information in lists’, the codec and bitrate/quality is displayed correctly in the songs list as well as album’s songs list too. When i open my playlist, it displays only the default duration and not the second additional information (codec/birate) in the playlist song list.

pasted the repro and additional information here because of error in submitting, sorry

Screenshots are attached displaying second additional information in albums and songs list but not playlist. Do let me know if you need logs again if there is a error on my side, ill send it.

reproduction steps:

  1. Open symfonium
  2. Go to settings tab > interface > media lists > Second additional song information in lists
  3. Select “Codec and bitrate/quality”
  4. Go back and go to playlists shortcut and open playlist
  5. click on the playlist
  6. Second additional song information is not displayed but only primary info is displayed


Upload description: “symfonium-debug-ArmourArsenal.log” named debug log file has been uploaded

Additional information:

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Reproduction steps:

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sorry to bump this, in the new beta 9.0.0 B1 its still not displaying the info. I don’t know if i’m doing it wrong. Please help

Read the changelog ? :wink:

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