Search within playlist

Feature description:

Not sure if it’s already possible and I just don’t know how but it would be nice if I could search for artists, albums and songs within a playlist.

Problem solved:

Sometimes I just want to play the songs from a specific artist within a playlist.

Other application solutions:

There already is a little search icon in e.g. the top tracks of an artist. The same could be added at the playlist screen.

Screenshots / Mockup:

This is from the top tracks screen.

While I can add the search it would only search in a generated description and not the actual artists or albums as the data is just not there.

I’m also not sure that searching in playlist is the best way to play a song from an artist, why not use the artist view or the global search?

Sorry, didn’t make that clear enough.
I want to find all the songs from an artist that are in one specific playlist. So if I have 5 songs from Artist A in Playlist 1 I want to be able to play only those 5 songs.
I hope that explains it better, if not let me know and I’ll try again
I think this explains it better:
I have a playlist with fast/heavy songs I like and one with slow/soft songs. If I want to listen to all the fast/heavy songs from artist A I want to go to my playlist, search for Artist A and play those songs.

Thank you for implementing this. I noticed two bugs.

  1. When pressing play in the filtered list the normal playlist starts and not the filtered one and
  2. When tapping a song in the filtered list a different song starts playing (video below).

When I tap the add to queue button it correctly only adds the filtered songs.



Thanks, will be fixed in next release.

BTW you can change the button order in the settings, I don’t know why but your compact player button order hurts me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I usually use the big player or android controls so I never bothered changing it xD

Fixed it :wink:

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