Search system improvement

would it be posible to implement a search system that allows you to type a word and get results that contain that word or group of words into the album title?
this would be very helpful mainly for classical music since for example when i type the word “piano” I would like to get all the albums that contain “piano” in the album title.

This is how the search works so not sure what you ask for.

I apologize for not explaining myself correctly, what i was trying to say is when you type 2 words like “beethoven piano” you get the albums that match those words in that exact order for example “beethoven piano sonatas”, what I am asking for is when I type “beethoven piano” albums like “beethoven: complete piano music” show as a result, not only those album titles that match the 2 words in the exact order they were typed.
hope this explains it better.

Yes a lot of missing things in the first message.

I thought it was already the case but it seems not on the default search page. Will fix for next release. (The order of the word will still matter but it will allow intermediary words)

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