Search function in "Files" view

Feature description:

Hi Tolriq :wave: hope you’re doing well. Last year, you added “Files” view to Symfonium after you and I discussed leveraging directory structure (Official Subsonic) to browse and manage a music library. I’ve been using this feature ever since and it’s been awesome – thank you!!

However, one feature that I’m really missing is the ability to search (or even just filter) my folders in Files view.

For context, I primarly use Symfonium in two ways:

  • Browsing and playing music directly in the Files view
  • Browsing music via Files view and initiating “Save to Downloads folder” for songs (files) or albums (folders) then playing them via my library synced with the “Local device” source

Problem solved:

The ability to search the items in “Files” view would solve this. A simple filter that just looks at the text in the files/folder of the active directory in Files view would do the trick here.

Brought benefits:

This feature would enable Official Subsonic users (such as myself) to enjoy library search functionality without having to enable compatibility mode which is simply too slow and renders the app useless.

Other application solutions:

DSub and the official Subsonic Android app both support search, but they also handle Subsonic differently then your app so I’m not sure if it’s a good comparison.

Screenshots / Mockup: