Scrolling behavior in the "playback queue list" is inconsistent

Issue description:

Sometimes, it scrolls the list as I mostly expect, and sometimes it dismisses the list to go to the now playing screen (even if the list hasn’t reached the top or bottom).
See this video: Watch Screen_Recording_20240313_101334 | Streamable


Upload description: Tomatot 4

Additional information:

I think it would be better if
imgur doesn’t seem to work properly lately… Screenshot-20240313-101629 hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB
The red zone would dismiss the queue to go back to the main “currently playing” screen
The blue zone would allow scrolling.

Regarding the yellow zone, you could disable it, or make it “red” (for accessibility) or “blue” (for consistency)

Just a suggestion!

Reproduction steps:

Scroll through the queue list

Media provider:

Local device



This is on last beta 2?

Yes. I can’t remember if it’s specific to this release though.

I can’t reproduce, do you do something specific to trigger that ?

No, or at least I can’t tell. It behaves the same on all my queues too, not only to the specific one in the video.

What is the expected behavior?

It only move the sheet when the playlist is at the top as any nested scrolling.

I can confirm the queue is (randomly) dismissed even if I’m not at the top of a playlist…

Well yes I can see but seems like a Compose bug I’ll see to workaround if I can.

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Thanks a lot. Appreciated!