Scroll bar adjustment

Feature description:

Currently the scroll bar extents to under the compact now playing bar. Is it possible to have the bottom of the scroll bar be above the compact now playing bar?

Problem solved:

Annoying when trying to scroll all the way down to the bottom of a list.

Brought benefits:

QoL improvement

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Everyone in here has such good music taste lol.

I’ll add another related QoL request - can we have a thumb picker on the scroll bar in alphabetically sorted lists? So as you scroll over ‘B’ in your list, it shows B in a little bubble under your finger? Blackplayer does this, and simply does not display one when you are sorting by something that isn’t alphabetical. I can provide a screenshot if you don’t know what I mean.

@tobyburton96 I just came from Blackplayer aswell lmao, It’s a shame it isn’t really getting updated anymore. It’s still my go tk music player because of the custom library. If it weren’t for that I would have long switched already.
And thank you regarding my music :slight_smile:

This is on the TODO, but Compose still have crashes around those.

For the bar it’s already discussed many times here about why it’s not possible nor wanted.

@Applepeeler what do you mean by custom library? Not aware of anything missing.

@Tolriq What about regarding the bar is not possible? The letter showing in a bubble or the bar stopping above the compact now player?

Blackplayer has a feature called ‘Custom audio library’, with which it is able to do some things the standard Android library can’t do. For instance the thing I talked about in the general chat.

Symfonium have it’s own library and parser that does not rely on Android at all if you select the default options so still no idea what you miss :wink:

The bubble / letter list. The stop is waiting for fixes on Google side, resizing the bar while scrolling can lead to crashes. This is a minor issue and the workaround by always leaving empty space for the player is worse than the issue.

Right, thank you for the clarification!

Somehow Blackplayer is able to keep the songs where they are, example;

There are 5 songs in my recently added page called:

AAA is the last one I downloaded. But when I, for instance, edit DDD with a 3rd party tag-editor, and resync the library. DDD jumps to the top, so it’ll become:


Blackplayer, with it’s custom library option doesn’t do this. This is what I’m talking about. Blackplayer can’t do this when the custom audio library is not selected and the regular Android one js being used.

English is not my first language, so sorry if I’m not clear :slight_smile:

Well this can be added open a feature requests, this is not real creation date but faking it.