Scrobbling to

I use Navidrome (subsonic) as my server, and it can scrobble my plays to
That would be a very nice feature to add to Symfonium !

Symfonium reports it’s playback to the server, the server should do the scrobbling in that case if it does not then it’s a bug on it’s side.
At the same time Symfonium broadcast the necessary information locally so that if you have or other compatible scrobbling app it can scrobble too.
There’s no real gain to have internal scrobbling inside the app since there’s dedicated apps for that that works and the servers can do it too.

Yep but I guess it’s an option to pass to subsonic API.
All the apps I’ve tried offer this kind of option (substreamer, Dsub, Ultrasonic), so I assume subsonic doesn’t scrobble by default and it has to be explicitely set.

Sorry my bad you’re right, it’s already working just fine !

There’s only 1 API : Subsonic

And Symfonium calls it.

Yep you’re right, I’ve tried again and it’s working fine, I don’t know why I had the impression that it wasn’t, sorry about that

Would it be possible to scrobble only after x% of track duration played? It seems to scrobble immediately, so it scrobbles skipped tracks too

Unfortunately Subsonic API is too limited to properly differentiate the cases, the scrobble calls are necessary to update the last played states and resume point to be able to resume audio books for example.