Scan of Navidrome server is missing tracks

Issue description:

Set up Symfonium with a single Music Provider - a Navidrome server.
Trigger a full scan through the music provider settings.
The scan appears to complete successfully after a few seconds.

The library as visible through Symfonium does not have any songs where the title starts with a letter F or later in the alphabet:

  • All albums and artists appear to be searchable.
  • If I view the tracks for a known album, the album is missing 2/3rds of the tracks. The only tracks present have the title starting with a character or the letter A-E. Any track starting with letter F onwards is missing.

If I view my library through the Navidrome web UI or an alternative client (DSub), I’m able to see all the tracks in the album.

Suspected cause:

I have a few large lossless audio files in my Navidrome library.
One example file has a title starting “Essential Mix” and is 2_153_816_658 bytes in size.

If I trigger a full scan from the music provider settings, I see this message in Symfonium’s debug log file:

2022-10-22 08:09:19.950 Verbose/Subsonic: Insert Song: Essential Mix - Essential Selection Tour Finale Live at The Empire (1995-12-23)
2022-10-22 08:09:19.950 Error/JsonParser: Error
y3.b: Expected an int but was 2153816658 at path $[81].size
        at ei.q.p(SourceFile:67)
        at ei.f0.a(SourceFile:300)
        at app.symfonik.provider.subsonic.models.SearchResult_SongJsonAdapter.a(SourceFile:274)
        at gi.b.a(SourceFile:16)
        at a9.l.k(SourceFile:109)
        at a9.l.D(SourceFile:13)
        at f4.f.g(SourceFile:216)
        at a9.x.N(SourceFile:268)
        at a9.m.k(SourceFile:14)
        at fj.a.n(SourceFile:6)
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

2022-10-22 08:09:19.950 Verbose/Subsonic: End Insert Song: 8081 [3.05s]

Symfonium version: 1.11.0
Navidrome Server: 0.48.0


Logs are quite large and include details of my library. I’ve included what I think is relevant above, please PM me if you want the full logs.

thanks a lot for looking into this.

I forgot to add, a workaround for this issue is enabling “Compability” mode for the music provider. This works fine, but I’d prefer to avoid it if possible as a full scan is very slow.

I need the logs from a little earlier in that log.

If you do not want to send all, go up to the full JSON dump that occurs before the insert song lines and contains the server answer.

Thank you. I’ve sent the last 1000 lines of the logs that include the server JSON response to the email address you have listed on the Play Store.

Ok thanks, seems you have a file bigger than 2 Gb causing the issue.

Will be fixed for next release.

Thanks a lot, also appreciate the quick response.