Scaling for buttons in Now Playing screen

Feature description:

Scaling/different sizes for Now Playing buttons (play/pause, next, previous etc)

Problem solved:

On some devices the buttons do not scale properly due to (shoddy) implementations of Android (especially car head units)

Brought benefits:

Being able to scale the size of the buttons might be useful in a lot of situations.
A good ease of use/accessibility feature.

Other application solutions:

System DPI override.
Scaling for entire app UI.

Additional description and context:

This is a very niche issue I’m having with a very niche display format for a car specific radio.

Here is a photo of the issue with using the app in my car, the play/pause buttons are very small making them hard to use, especially since they’re on the far side of the UI. (should’ve gotten a RHD car)

Please provide logs from that device to better see why it scales like that.

Here’s the logs from symfoniums debug mode (with redacted domain)

Do you also need adb logs? I’d need a hot minute to figure out how to get that done.
debug log symfonium android head unit.txt (1.8 MB)

Nope just the logs most of the display values I need.

If you have more info about the device so I can try to reproduce I’m interested.

Here’s the product page for it: Joying 12.3" New Developed Android Head Unit Replacement For Toyota GT86/Subaru BRZ 2012-2021

Runs Android 12 with a car oriented launcher on top, not sure what info outside of android version and display specs would be useful, anything specific I should dig up?

Logs says Android 10 not 12, they cheat a little :slight_smile:

Do you have access to the Android settings to enable dev mode?

I should be able to, I haven’t quite figured out how yet but with some more prodding (or asking the seller) I should figure it out.
What would you want from there for when I do figure it out? :slight_smile:

Well actually on Android 10 not sure you can change much.

Maybe try the normal os settings for the scaling to see what it it impacts Symfonium or not. Maybe their Android report bad scaling values.

I did manage with some tasker trickery to get into the settings to enable developer mode, but not much in dev settings to use.

Changing the OS scaling (which also needed tasker trickery) does scale the UI elements of Symfonium.
Not a good option though as it screws with the scaling of their overlays.

This image is of the scaling set to Largest, the image in the OP is of it set to Default.

Well this is how it’s supposed be now :slight_smile:

Can you provide logs in that mode so I can see what values it returns ?

Will try to tweak an emulator to reproduce and see what I can do.

I assume you just need this line:

2023-12-06 21:29:32.414 Verbose/Logger: Information: 6.1.0 (1168[arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]) - DisplayMetrics{density=1.5, width=1920, height=720, scaledDensity=1.875, xdpi=677.333, ydpi=142.875} - FS:1.25 - AS:null - (en_US) 0fb4d37f862f4932 D74800A4625D71885A672C7B596C0500

Yes strange that it does not touch font size.

Can you revert the scale but change font size ?

I’ll give it a go tomorrow (in 9ish hours)

It not touching the font scale is probably because it was already maxed.
I tried setting it to default to grab debugging:

2023-12-07 08:09:59.829 Verbose/Logger: Information: 6.1.0 (1168[arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,armeabi]) - DisplayMetrics{density=1.0, width=1920, height=720, scaledDensity=1.0, xdpi=677.333, ydpi=142.875} - FS:1.0 - AS:null - (en_US) 0fb4d37f862f4932 D74800A4625D71885A672C7B596C0500

Interesting though, the scaledDensity is now 1.0 with the font size set to default, but it was 1.25 with it set to largest… This shouldn’t change unless you change the display scale, no?

On recent Android those are not tied, on custom Android 10 it’s hard to know.

Anyway the default scaling with such configuration can be reproduced.

Unfortunately not much I can do before the complete rewrite to properly support multiple form factors.

With that said, since there’s quite a few users on such kind of devices now, I’ll try to add an option to invert the position of the image and the buttons to help a little.

Sweet, a left-handed mode for tablet/landscape UI would be a neat addition :slight_smile:

And do feel free to ping me if you want something tested on this unit in the future.

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