Same library for internal and external IP

Feature description:

I have a subsonic server from I connect to Symfonium in my device. So the situation is that in my home I need to connect to my internal IP of the server to listen to my music and in the car or in the street I have a open port in my external IP to connect to.

So I have to add two libraries to Symfonium, one with the internal IP and other one with external IP but the songs duplicate.

One request feature may be the ability to disable without delete one library to appers only their songs, and I activate/desactivate one of the two libraries on each situation (the two are the same but with different IP and PORT), I suppose manually.

Or other posibility is to permit to a libray have two diferent IPs and ports for the same provider and if it can’t connect to a song with a conecction 1 ip:port changes to 2 ip:port and vice versa

Problem solved:

The same library but with internal and external connection to avoid to replicate provider and songs.

Brought benefits:

Full access to Symfonium for home server

Other application solutions:

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Additional description and context:

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Everything is already there.

For filtering

Or the option Automatic offline mode.

But there’s also a lot of technical solution like DNS views (split) to have different IP between external and internal network.

Great, thanks a lot. I will use the filtering options.

Do you? I’m using a reverse proxy + dyndns to listen to my music anywhere through the jellyfin api and that also works when I’m in my home network. Do you have specific needs that make having a local + remote IP necessary?