Rolling Cache doesnt seem to work

Issue description:

I have set my rolling cache to 4gb. And have it set to add now playing tracks and precached tracks that rolling cache. From what I understood, the excepted behave should be that once the 4gb is reached, older tracks will be removed. I have now reach 5gb and it doesnt seem to remove the oldest tracks at all.

At first I thought it lets a little over just before deleting but over a gigabyte is fairly significant.


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Reproduction steps:

Set rolling cache to desired amount
Set playing tracks to add to rolling cache
Cache enough tracks to past rolling cache amount.

Media provider:





I need logs during the offline cache of a played media to see the error during the cleanup.

The logs also shows strange things about your license, can you provide me the Play Store orderId so I can check what is happening?

I have sent new logs with offline caching of new tracks.

I assume you mean transaction id? that’s the only thing I can find from my google play receipts. GPA.3316-5327-7582-61142

Ok so seems the cleanup is not started in your case, will fix.

For the license does the app sometimes tells you that there’s a license issue or not at all?

I have had this happen before, but I assumed it was due to shoddy internet or something (I use the app while on trains)

Well there’s very very large margins so that’s strange.

Can you please open an issue if this happens again?

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