Retain player state option not working

Issue description:

Hi, I have enabled the retain player state option in the settings and when I close the app and reopen, the player state is not restored. If I remember correctly this option used to work before I updated to beta version I maybe wrong.


Upload description: The log file is uploaded and is named “debug-log-ArmourArsenal”

Additional information:

Android Version: 12
Symfonium Version: 7.2.0B1(1209)

Media Provider: Box (Single folder with all >700 mp3 songs 192-320 kbps 44.1khz)

Reproduction steps:

1.) Open symfonium and enable retain player state and remember last renderer
2.) Play a song half way through
3.) Close the app, remove from background and reopen it.
4.) The app opens but doesn’t remember player state.

Media provider:





You miss read the option, what you are looking for is the option playback state saving that is 4 rows above :wink:

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Damn I really should delete this post, this is embarrassing :sweat_smile:

Well it can serve others who also can’t read :stuck_out_tongue:

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