Resuming Audiobooks

I’m not sure if I’m asking for a feature or making a bug report but since Symfonik theoretically supports resume, I’m filing it as a bug report. I’m trying to use Symfonik to listen to audiobooks located on on an Emby Server. Sometimes I’ll stop listening to one audiobook to switch between fiction and non-fiction or to listen to a podcast in another app. Sometimes Symfonik will resume the audiobook just fine. Sometimes it will offer me the opportunity to “Resume” but will resume at a previous stopping point. Sometimes the ability to resume is simply not there at all and it takes me back to the beginning of the file. All my audio files are in “Audiobook” libraries. I’ve tested this with files that I am 15 or 20 minutes into. I have this same issue with Yatse. What I would like is an option in the settings to have Symfonik just automatically resume any file in an audiobook library where I left off. If I want to go back to the beginning that’s far easier than trying to scroll through and find the place where I stopped listening the last time.

Standard Android 12
Emby Server []
KDE Neon Linux

As the template says I need logs to see what is going on.

Resume point should be saved all the time, seems there’s a few issues with that but without logs to see exactly what happens there’s not much I can do.

Version 0.9.5 have fixes from another user logs.

Please try this one and report back if all cases are fixed.

Preliminary tests show this as resolved. Thank you for this. Symfonik has now become my primary audiobook player.