Resume Playback


New user and loving the app so far coming over from Dsub using Navidrome server and I have a question about resuming playback, I have checked the option to retain shuffle and repeat but I always have to pull out my phone and start playback from the beginning. Is there a setting I have missed somewhere as I cannot just resume playback when I connect to my headphones or the bluetooth in my car. Hope this is the right place to ask these kind of questions.


This is the correct place but duplicate of many :wink:
Currently Symfonium does not keep the global state and playlist when killed due to the way it handles very large dynamic playlists (you can play 240 000 songs in a queue without issues), but also because it’s multi provider and renderer so when the app restart the player and half the queue might be no more accessible making it an hard UI/UX to inform the user.

So it’s planned but currently no proper solution have been decided.

Ok thanks for replying mate will wait for this to be done one day.