Resume function got lost

Hey guys,

It seems that with the new Update to 4.0.0 the resume function got lost.

Is it possible to add the function again?

Thank you

I guess I’ll really need to find a way to force people to fill the template since people just don’t read …

Logs? Details? Nothing was lost on purpose so nothing can be added again without the necessary details …

Sorry for that…
And also sorry for the picture, because it’s in German.

in the previous versions, the functions always included the “resume” function to the right of the"play" function in the “paused albums” category.

Exhausting …

Where are the asked logs ? What provider ?

Found and fixed thanks for the 45 minutes lost that could have been used on way more useful things to enhance the app :wink:

thanks for the quick solution to the problem. next time I will put everything at the beginning (description of the complete problem, log…)