Reset play count

Is it possible to reset “play count” and “last played” (by any of track, album, and artist), such that Synfonium regards a track that’s previously been played as unplayed, please?

Also, if this is possible, would this reset (empty?) the “Top tracks” that appear in each artist’s homepage?

I have a fresh install of Synfonium connected to a Jellyfin media provider. I think my new Synfonium install is either picking up plays from a previous Synfonium install on the same phone (which I uninstalled to start again from scratch) and/or from Jellyfin itself (perhaps plays from other clients, somehow recorded in the Jellyfin db?). I was hoping to achieve a clean install of Synfonium, showing no plays, hence my question.


The data is taken from Jellyfin, I do think something exist but you can probably write a few queries to reset the data in it’s DB.

Thanks for your help.

So, having played around with this, I have a weirdness with Symfonium working with my Jellyfin instance.

For some reason, a single track play in Symfonium increases that track’s playCount field by more than one in Jellyfin’s library.db (UserDatas table).

In Symfonium itself, the track’s Play count in Details correctly increases by one, until Symfonium has a reason to resync with Jellyfin, at which point the track’s Play count shows a greater number of plays - though not necessarily corresponding with the number of plays in the playCount field in Jellyfin’s library.db.

This weirdness doesn’t affect Symfonium’s functionality - and I love the app - but I can’t work out why my instance: (a) doesn’t count track plays correctly in Jellyfin’s library.db; and (b) initially seems to count track plays correctly in the app itself but then replaces with an arbitrary number.

Any thoughts, please? Thanks again.

No logs no chocolate I’m not a mentalist :slight_smile:

But it does not replace with arbitrary number it replace with the number that Jellyfin give.

Thanks, I hadn’t got my brain around the logging system but I think I now have and have just sent those over to you by email. Here’s hoping for chocolate :slight_smile: