Reproducing some FLAC 24/96 offline mode, stutters

Issue description:


On a Pixel 7, playing locally some flac tracks, the playback randomly stutters. I try going back 10 seconds to check the file was not corrupted, and that it could play the part it stuttered without problems.

It plays the same files from subsonic server just fine (on WIFI no transcoding, 128kbps with transcoding).


Upload description: elghoto

Additional information:

This doesn’t happen when I play from the server. I tried with Prefer Internal Decoder ON/OFF, Offload Mode Enabled/Disabled, etc. Restarted didn’t work, restarted phone as well.

Reproduction steps:


  1. Saved 24/96 FLAC on Symfonium from server
  2. Play the tracks
  3. Random stutters
  4. Playing again the same portion of the song, plays it without any issue.

Media provider:

Local device



Unrelated but you should really update your Navidrome version.

From the logs it seems your SDCard is too slow so that’s quite strange.
Is your SDCard nearly full?

What song did stutter in the log?

Else try to disable battery optimization for Symfonium.

This morning it stopped stuttering with Internal decoder. I don’t understand why it kicked in.

Anyway, I have 64GB free of memory and I’m using my phone’s internal storage.

All FLAC 24/96 songs were stuttering, like if there was an empty buffer or something.

I will look into the battery saving settings.

Issue came back. Same configs. It must be phone related.

If you don’t change settings then yes probably. But when you test while changing setting, do not forget to force kill the app or even reboot in your case.

To be sure the OS release ressources in case it’s bugged.