ReplayGain seems not applied

Issue description:

Hi, it seems like duplicate, but I can’t find any answers in the forum. I’ve applied ReplayGain on my media using foobar2000. I’ve sync Jellyfin, update it to 10.9, and also clear all caches of Symfonium. When using logs, it seems that ReplayGain is active because I have some information about volume change, but the volume remains the same. I have compared with foobar2000, and the difference is huge. Also, I toggle ReplayGain on and off (with a reload of the music), and there are no differences at all. The rest of my metadata are written with mp3tag.


Upload description: debug (10).log As shown on the log, ReplayGain seems to be applied, but I have no difference in volume. For example the first song as a new volume of 0.81 and the second a new volume of 0.35, but the second one is way more louder than the first. One thing that seems weird is the line where its write trackReplayGain=null and albumReplayGain=null.

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Reproduction steps:

Tag ReplayGain using foobar2000
Update Jellyfin library
Sync Symfonium to Jellyfin
Clear all Symfonium caches
Play the song

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The logs does not show the init of the player, but have you enabled the hi res option?

Yes I have. It seems that uninstall and re-install the app fix the problem. Weird…

It’s just that some options are not instantly applied.

But ReplayGain currently does not work with hi res since it’s bit perfect there’s no processor attached.

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