Replaygain issues

Issue description:

The replaygain shows it is working but the volume change isn’t immediately noticeable and I am unsure if it is actually working.

I scanned my files and yesterday no replay gain icon appeared. I then re-scanned it without the “android library” option and scanned them manually through the app and this morning the RG Gain (Track) appeared and disappeared when I turned it off. However, I wasn’t sure there was an audible difference between having it on vs having it off- since it should have been a -9db difference. So I scanned a log when playing music on the drive home. I hope this is sufficient. I can record another, if necessary.

Logs: (37.9 KB)

2023-08-29 18:15:19.529 T:ReplayGainParser
Replay gain skipped: true - Off

In those logs you have not enabled ReplayGain in the EQ/DSP configuration page.