Replaygain "auto" mode

Feature description:

An “auto” setting for ReplayGain, allowing for using album tags or track tags dynamically depending on what’s being played, e.g. a playlist of singles or a queue of an album or consecutive albums.

Problem solved:

Right now the user has to pick either track or album tags, so if I want to go from listening to my shuffled favorite tracks to entire albums, I have to alter my ReplayGain setting manually.

Brought benefits:

No need to fiddle with ReplayGain setting, it will apply as most people would expect.

Other application solutions:

Check the tracks before and after, if at least one is from the same album, apply album tag, if neither one is, fall back to track tag. If single track in queue, again fall back to track tag.

This implementation has the downside of applying album tags when it shouldn’t, i.e. when a playlist has two singles from the same album back to back.

Not sure about your implementation, changing RG during playback based on the other songs could lead to quite a few cases where it’s unwanted and cause confusion and so trigger support.

I can’t think of a proper way to handle all the possible cases.

So if I were to add this it would be tied to what you start to play. If you start to play an album or a playlist of albums then use album gain. Else apply song gain. But keep this mode active until another play session is started.

Would that work for you?

That would work, so the RG mode will only be changed when I play something new, not when I queue it?


Since there’s no perfect solution to handle all the possible usage of the app, it’s better to have something that is constant, reproductible and under user control.

Sounds good to me. :slight_smile: