Replay gain is not applied not matter the setting

Issue description:

Selecting automatic, track, or album replay gain no longer yields loudness normalization. It seems to have no effect to off.

Changing settings in renders seem to have no effect, and all tracks in my library have replay gain and have been verified in MP3tag and foobar 2000.


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Reproduction steps:

Play a playlist with diverse replay gains.
Volume will not be adjusted.

The app will also freeze and not select anything like if it’s frozen in playback, but scrolling still works.

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  1. There’s no playback action or anything in the uploaded logs, you need to reproduce.
  2. Use the advanced settings Cleanup internal states to fix the freezes.
  3. Replay gain is applied at song start, so changing the option during a song playback will do nothing, you need to set the option then play media.

Sorry about that. Not sure why they didn’t show up. I’ve tried to upload logs again, but I’m not sure I did that correctly. Let me know

I’ve done that as well as an uninstall and reinstall. I tried blaming it on my server, but I can’t replicate the issue elsewhere.

I’m aware of that, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. It also plays very loud for what should be -18 LUFS. Completey arbitrary numbers, but before I had issues, but car stereo could be set volume 19 due to replay gain, and now it has to be set at around 12 for the same volume.

There’s no new logs uploaded on the server with your name or replay gain in the description so if they are can’t find them.

You also need to remember that replay gain normalise the song to a target reference volume, but then you can apply pre amp, EQ, and many things that will make the global sound level way higher.

Anyway I need the logs reproducing the issue to be able to tell anything more.

Can you please help me upload logs to help you help me? I’ve tapped share logs with support, and put in my username, but you’re not seeing them.

I’m assuming the process is different after the initial upload.

It works the same, it probably failed and you missed the popup that say so.

And you can share files manually via

Okay, I’ve uploaded again per your instruction, and there was no error toast message, or success message. Hopefully that worked this time.

Well I’m sorry but there’s no logs, use the web interface then.

Sorry, I had stepped away to iOS for a time and ha dno idea where symfonium was keeping it’s local files. I figured it out finally and have uploaded via the web interface.

Thanks for staying with me.

The replay gains are read and applied in that logs.

Okay, it doesn’t sound like it, but we can assume that I’m mistaken. Can you explain why the audio is so much louder in this app currently than before? There is no replay gain added and every other app including this one had my car stereo volume set to a steady 19 vs now being at 12 for this app recently.

Lastly, did you see anything that would show why the app seemingly freezes and doesn’t playback anything until a force close is required?

You enabled EQ with pre amp? You enabled one of the other EQ option, you enabled the system EQ?

In the logs there was a sync ending, so there’s some moments during the sync where the DB can be locked for write and delay things.

If the delays are too large you can try to use the cleanup internal states in advanced settings.

No EQ or preamp going on. I’ve made sure of it trying to resolve this issue over the past month without having to waste your time.

If we assume the DB issues are consistently the same issue, I find it to lockup and freeze quite often. This is after a reinstall of the app and wiping cache and data even a fresh operating system install and not restoring the backup I have.

Do not mix issues, the lock during sync occurs when there’s sync, if you start sync often or add new songs on your server often that triggers sync often then it can happen often.

I haven’t added in quite some time. At least 5 months.

It doesn’t really going to feel like I’m going to get answers on these issues.

  • Idk why it’s louder than it was before with the same replay gain. Even with the exact same backup being applied (I’ve tried with and without)

  • I’m not sure how to fix the app not responding to clicking a song until restart 5 minutes into using the app.

Maybe a future update with fix the issues.

Well you mix things so it’d hard to follow.

For RG it’s applied so no idea.

For the freeze open an issue with logs, but there’s a sync running in previous logs, if you have not added songs then either you forced sync or the server returns something strange that generate the sync.

Only logs can tell from before the sync starts to know why.

Okay, the replay gain seems like a dead issue for answers.

So, let me make this easier for the community and make a new thread in a day or two so I can have time to capture some logs at key points where the app isn’t responding.

Sorry for mixing issues. I will more or less repeat what I’ve already said for legibility in search for the forum.