Reordering of file-based playlist

Feature description:

It ssems there is no way of reordering the items in a file-based playlist, or at least I’m unable to find it. Actually, it would be great to have up/down sliders like in the playback queue.

Problem solved:

It is desirable to be able to change the order of the items in a file-based playlist after adding them. One use case: Today I’ve found that I have added the wrong song from an album, but I’ve added numerous others after that. I just can delete the song and add it to the end of the playlist, which results in an ordering I didn’t intend. I would like to push up the song to its intended position. This is possible in the playback queue, but not in the playlist itself.

Brought benefits:

Easier playlist management.

Other application solutions:

GMMP displays sliders left of each song title. foobar2000 has a button in the upper right corner of the playlist view that enters edit mode, which allows drag and drop of songs in the list.

Additional description and context:


Screenshots / Mockup:

Symfonium’s playlist view:

Symfonium’s queue view - those sliders left of the items would be useful in the playlist view as well:

Press the 3 lines buttons near the sync and display mode one at the top right.

Oh, yes, sorry, I didn’t see this button. So this is equivalent to the foobar2000 way of editing. Problem solved, or better, problem not a problem.